This week in the Stone County Gazette

  This weeks Headline “Driver of big rig sentenced for manslaughter”. Grab a copy to read how this driver took the life of a Kimberling City man and another motorist.  Headline with more local interest “Former firefighter pleads guilty to child molestation”  Mathew Anderson, who was in charge SSCFPD Station … Continue reading

This weeks Gazette

A lot of news in this weeks Gazette KC Bridge will get major overhaul (MoDOT budgeted $9.8 million) Alford plea entered in Anderson murder (more details of the murder released) FDIC has buyer for failed Indian Ridge development Voters face full ballot April 8 New BBQ event planed   A New … Continue reading

Stone County Gazette

  Aldermen delay Corps action The new news of ~700% increase the corps placed on the cities sewer plant lease. Secret Appraisals…   No Justification….. Branson West has a new mayor says the Stone County Gazette. The death of former mayor resulted in Donna Hardesty being appointed Monday. Most situations … Continue reading

Stone County Gazette

  Stone County has another law suit. Former Stone County Employee (Ryan Joy of Republic) filled suit claiming that Stone County didn’t return him to his previous county job after returning from a 1 year military deployment. This weeks Headlines Top of the Rock to Host PGA legends of Golf … Continue reading

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